Who we are

Budget Responsibility Committee

The OBR is led by the three members of the Budget Responsibility Committee (BRC). They have executive responsibility for the core functions of the OBR, including the judgements reached in its forecasts. They are:

Robert ChoteRobert Chote (Chairman)

Formerly Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, adviser to senior management at the International Monetary Fund, and economic journalist with the Independent and Financial Times newspapers.

Stephen NickellProf. Sir Stephen Nickell CBE FBA

Formerly professor of economics at Oxford University and the London School of Economics, Warden of Nuffield College, Oxford, and member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England (2000-06).

Graham ParkerGraham Parker CBE

Formerly head of the public sector finances team at HM Treasury and analyst and forecaster at the Inland Revenue. A technical adviser to the International Monetary Fund’s Fiscal Affairs Department since 2009.

Permanent staff of the OBR

The BRC are supported in their work by the OBR’s permanent staff of 21 civil servants, led by Andy King. The staff work in teams covering: economic forecasting and analysis; fiscal forecasting and analysis; welfare forecasting and analysis; sustainability analysis; and strategy, communications and operations. OBR staff vacancies are advertised openly where possible and applications for externally advertised posts are welcome from both inside and outside the civil service.

Oversight board

The OBR’s Oversight Board ensures that effective arrangements are in place to provide assurance on risk management, governance and internal control. It consists of the three members of the BRC, plus two non-executive members, currently Lord Terry Burns and Dame Kate Barker.

Advisory panel

The OBR’s Advisory Panel of economic and fiscal experts meets regularly to advise the OBR on its work programme and analytical methods. The current members are: Professor Wendy Carlin (UCL), Kevin Daly (Goldman Sachs), Carl Emmerson (Institute for Fiscal Studies), Jonathan Gillham (PwC), John Llewellyn (Llewellyn Consulting), Professor Andrew Scott (LBS), Professor Peter Spencer (York and ITEM Club), Professor Coen Teulings (Cambridge) and Professor Simon Wren Lewis (Oxford).