Borrowing up £2.9 billion in December, but flat year-to-date


In 2014-15 to date, the deficit is flat relative to 2013-14. In December, borrowing was up £2.9 billion due to the initial effect of the historical adjustment to the UK’s EU budget contributions. Some of this will unwind in later releases.


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22nd January 2015

Despite stronger growth, we revised up our estimate of the budget deficit for this financial year in our latest forecast. But the budget is still forecast to be back in balance by 2018-19. The Government is on track to meet its fiscal mandate and the welfare cap, but not its supplementary debt target. The main Economic […]

10th December 2014

Lord Burns, Chair of the OBR’s Oversight Board wrote to Robert Chote and Sir Nicholas Macpherson, Permanent Secretary, HM Treasury asking them to comment on the recommendations made by the first External Review into the OBR.  These letters, and the subsequent replies, are published below.

9th December 2014

Robert Chote has exchanged letters with Alyson Stafford, Director-General Finance, Scottish Government on the subject of forecasting the Scottish land and buildings transactions tax and the Scottish landfill tax over our 5-year forecast horizon.

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