Borrowing in 2013-14 in line with latest forecast


The first estimate of public sector net borrowing in 2013-14 was just £0.1 billion lower than we forecast in March. However, the first estimate is subject to substantial revision as more detailed information on receipts and spending becomes available over the coming months.

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23rd April 2014

The OBR has today published a database of Budget and Autumn Statement policy measures announced since Roy Jenkins’ final Budget in 1970. It covers all significant tax measures announced between the 1970 Budget and Alistair Darling’s final Budget in March 2010. It then includes all tax and spending measures announced since the Coalition Government’s June […]

23rd April 2014

This guide provides a brief introduction to the UK public finances and to the terms used to describe them in the official statistics. We describe the main sources of government income and spending, and explain how these are used to calculate whether the government is running a surplus or a deficit. We also explain how government debt is […]

4th April 2014

Kevin Page, former Parliamentary Budget Officer for Canada, has been appointed to lead an external review into the work of the OBR, consistent with the requirements of the legislation underpinning the OBR.    

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The Office for Budget Responsibility:

  • produces forecasts for the economy and public finances,
  • judges progress towards the Government's fiscal targets,
  • assesses the long-term sustainability of the public finances,
  • scrutinises the Treasury's costing of tax and welfare measures. more

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Public finance release
Public finance release
Fiscal sustainability report

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